Schwedes + Schulze Schüttguttechnik ...

... was founded 1991 in Braunschweig/Germany by Jörg Schwedes and Dietmar Schulze. Jörg Schwedes is active in bulk solids technology - in research as well as in practical application - since 1965, Dietmar Schulze since 1985. In 2001 Harald Heinrici, who is active in powder handling and dosage since 1983, joined the company. In 2009 the company moved to Wolfenbüttel.

The philosophy of "Schwedes + Schulze Schüttguttechnik" is to solve practical problems in the field of bulk solids handling (silo design, measurement of flow properties) on the basis of the mechanical properties of the bulk solid under consideration. The main part of the work of "Schwedes + Schulze Schüttguttechnik" is the design of silos for flow (to avoid flow problems like arching, piping, segregation or silo quaking; to ensure mass flow) in combination with the measurement of the flow properties which have to be known for a proper silo design (wall friction, internal friction, strength, time consolidation). Hence, as it is common for other equipment used in process technology (e.g. heat exchangers), a silo should be designed considering the properties of the material to be handled. Today the latter is more and more important since there is a trend to store new types of bulk solids with increasing fineness and new compositions, and experience with well-known bulk materials is of little value.

Some examples of the more than 1000 bulk solids tested for customers in Germany and other countries are: FGD-Gypsum, flyash, filterdust, moist coal, coal dust, lignite (moist as well as dried), sugar, fertilizer, animal food and -components, cereals, instant soup powders, metal powder, clay, iron ore, various crystalline and powdery, organic and anorganic chemical products, pharmaceutical powders, wood chips, plastic granules, shredded waste, glass meal, cement, chalk, and many more.

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