Schwedes + Schulze Schüttguttechnik GmbH
Am Walde 3
D-38302 Wolfenbüttel
Federal Republic of Germany

Fax: (++49) 5331 8573 313
Phone: (++49) 5331 8573 312

The value added tax identification number (VAT Reg. no.) of Schwedes + Schulze Schüttguttechnik GmbH, Wolfenbüttel, (pursuant to Article 22 (1) of the Sixth Council Directive (77/388/EEC) of 17 May 1977 on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States of the European Union relating to turnover taxes) is
DE 813 371 490.

District Court Braunschweig; Reg. no. HRB 9062
Managing directors (Geschäftsführer): Harald Heinrici

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